Thank you Bearspaw Benevolent Foundation

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Calgary Association of Self Help is truly grateful that we are one of the beneficiaries of the Bearspaw Benevolent Foundation We applaud and thank the Foundation for their financial generosity and for championing mental wellness in our community.

Through their support of the Association, we have had the great pleasure of working with Nipper Guest and his family for the past eleven years. Nipper and his wife Eleanor, established the Bearspaw Benevolent Foundation in 1992 on the deeply held conviction “that what parents owe their children is a loving home and an opportunity for an education. From an early age our three sons have understood that there would be no inheritance and that the proceeds of our estate would go to those in need. They have accepted this philosophy and assist in our efforts.” In acknowledging the work of the Foundation, Nipper maintains “giving funds as we do is easy, it’s organizations such as yours that need thanks from the likes of us for the work that you do.”

Marion McGrath, Chief Executive Officer of Calgary Association of Self Help, explains that the funds have provided essential support to the Art and Writer’s Club programs and that “you can’t imagine what a difference this support has made to so many people who attend these programs and are working toward improving their quality of life and maintaining their mental health.”

When we asked Nipper’s permission to acknowledge his Foundation’s support of Calgary Association of Self Help’s work in the community, his response was “if the Foundation’s endorsement will encourage others to support your work – then I’m all for it!”