Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who support this association

Clapping Hands for Alberta Culture and Community Services


Our 105 volunteers contributed nearly 11,000 hours this past year. We are so proud of them; this is quite an accomplishment, and so, so helpful.


First, I would like to say something about our Board of Directors. They are amazing.  They have been working diligently on a number of projects and situations, and there are several committees operating to address finances, marketing, fundraising, and of course, the Governance Committee who found us a new C.E.O. Really, the Board of Directors are taking good care of us and truly deserve our commendations and appreciation. I would like to give a special thank you to the Board of Directors.

As for the rest of our volunteers, they’re pretty darned special too, covering different positions on all 3 floors of the building. Staff Assistant Volunteers have been involved in Creative Arts and Occupational & Leisure Skills on the main floor, Evening Cooking Program, Hobby Crafts, Wake Up Cafe, Baking Group, Saturday Light Lunch, holiday dinners and special activities here on the second floor. The Staff Assistant Volunteers have also been extremely helpful to the staff in the Recycling Project on the 3rd floor.

Our member volunteers also have a huge impact on all three floors here: with the Board of Directors and Admin. clerical on the main floor, the enormity of the Recycling Project on the 3rd floor, and a wealth of areas on the 2nd floor, such as Creative Clerical, the Inter-Action Committee, the Looking Good, Feeling Good Clothing Bank, the Manicure Program, Plant Care, Pop and Coffee Supplies, Recreational Activities, Telephone Reception, and of course our Tuck Shop. Our members are very industrious, and collectively contributed almost 9,000 hours during the year.

Volunteers are truly the backbone of this Association; people we need, trust and value. Volunteers at Calgary Association of Self Help immeasurably improve and enhance this entire Association. We hear a lot of talk about random acts of kindness; well the acts of kindness our volunteers perform, are not random at all; they are deliberate, intentional, well thought out, and the ultimate gift, and act of kindness.

To the outstanding and remarkable people who have chosen to dedicate their energies to supporting the members and staff of Calgary Association of Self Help, today and always, we salute you and thank you so much.

Excerpts from the Annual General Meeting Volunteer Recognition Speech
Bev Wadsworth
Coordinator of Volunteers
June 2, 2015