SJ Interview – September 2018

HA: SJ, tell me what inspired you to get into this line of work?

SJ: I started volunteering for people with brain injuries. That experience was very enriching and lead me to my decision to go to school for social work.

HA: Awesome. From your experience, what personality traits do you think are needed for the social work field?

SJ: I think kindness, an empathic heart and respect go a very long way in this field. In addition to that, a non-judgmental attitude is vital.

HA: I would certainly agree. What were your goals when you first began a career here at the Centre? Were they achievable at a first glance looking back?

SJ: I was motivated to increase my knowledge in mental health and community resources.  I was able to achieve this through research, client work, consulting with other professionals, creating a resource area and most importantly asking questions and learning from my mistakes.

HA: I can attest to that and tell you the resource hub you have created for our clients helps significantly. It’s amazing what you have put together

SJ: Thank you! That is truly a passion of mine; providing resources for those who may or may not know.

HA: You have obviously witnessed much change in the Centre, how has adapting to all that change been for you?

SJ: I love change! Absolutely love it; I welcome change. I think it is healthy to evolve as an agency in order to better support our clients.

HA: What do you like most about being a social worker?

SJ: I learn something new every day about my practice, myself and our clients.

HA: What do you like most about working for Elements?

SJ: I love the team I work with. I am very fortunate to have such a supportive, nurturing, caring, motivated and positive team.

HA: Last question, you have worked here for over 15 years, at any point in time did you give yourself a career deadline?

SJ: No, I just wanted a career I was passionate about. A career that was challenging and presented opportunity to grow as a skilled social worker.

HA: Thank you SJ for being such a delight to sit down with. I enjoyed the experience and I am certain most of us that know you can say that we are fortunate to have you at the Centre. Thanks again.

SJ: You are too kind, it’s been nice talking with you. This was great!