Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living


When does Activities of Daily Living meet? 

Program participants will meet once a week with the instructor for twelve weeks.  This is an individualized program which means the instructor will work one to one or in small groups with participants.  The average time for one session is 1 to 3 hours.


Activities of Daily Living provides the opportunity for participants to develop daily living skills to live more successfully in the community and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The program teaches skills in the areas of:

  • nutrition
  • cooking
  • budgeting and money management
  • household management

Activities of Daily Living is a program which is offered in 12 week sessions. Individuals interested in the program meet with the instructor before the program starts, to decide which skill area or areas they want to learn.

The program is taught with a hands on approach.  This means participants are assisted to make their own budget which meets their needs and circumstances or if they want to learn cooking skills, they will be selecting recipes and cooking in the kitchen.