What We Do


We support the whole person.

“I would have overdosed by now if I didn’t have the support I receive here.”


1 in 5 Calgarians will develop a mental illness at some point in their lives. In order to get and stay well, many people affected by this disease will need some form of treatment, as well as support and programs like those offered by Elements Calgary Mental Health Centre.

The Centre’s dedicated staff members provide confidential and non-judgmental support to over 1,200 Calgarians annually who are challenged with mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, anxiety, personality disorder and others.  In addition to the illness they they may also be dealing with issues such as poverty, unemployment, stigma and social isolation.

Elements Calgary Mental Health Centre’s objectives and mandate is to provide Calgarians 18+ years with:

  • specially designed programs, where individuals with a mental illness can improve their skills and enhance their capabilities for living, learning, working and socializing in the community,
  • a safe place where they are accepted and can find companionship and friends among others who share their life’s path,
  • counselling, crisis prevention and intervention services that reduce reliance on expensive hospital or emergency services and
  • recreation opportunities that they might otherwise not have access to on their limited income.

Elements Calgary Mental Health Centre offers an approach that understands mental illness and provides adults with support, learning new skills and recreational opportunities in a climate of acceptance and hope. The Centre provides flexible programs to help people rebuild their self-esteem, increase confidence, reduce social isolation and introduce new skills which can be used in their daily lives to cope with their mental illness.  In turn, it reduces the burden on families, friends and employers who are also affected and helps to prevent relapse and the need for costly hospitalization.  The Centre also relies upon volunteers to help support our operations; annually 100 volunteers contribute over 10,000

We are there for the people who need us; days, evenings, weekends and holidays; 365 days of the year, 63.5 hours per week.