February Calendar 

February ballots available on January 17, 2019
Submit your February ballot for activities by January 22, 2019
Pick up your February ballot from January 26 – 30, 2019

March calendar available February 21, 2019

Subject to changes – check with staff if you have questions.

Spontaneous Intakes

A limited number of spontaneous intakes for the Support and Recreation Services programs are done on Wednesdays. Go to the Support and Recreation Services reception on the 2nd floor to check in for an intake.

Please arrive promptly at 10:00am as these appointments fill quickly.


At Elements, we understand that our members can often feel overwhelmed with the Support and Recreation Services ballot process.

As some of our Recreation Activities require prior sign up by members; the process to sign up for activities is:

A ballot is a sheet made up of our structured activities for the upcoming month. The purpose of the ballot is to provide our members with clarity around the times, dates and lengths of our programming to ensure they appropriately plan ahead. For more details about our activities, please see the back of the Support and Recreation Services calendar.

Some activities are longer than others so paying attention to each column is important. All activities have capacity restrictions so please understand you may not be drawn for all activities selected.  Members are encouraged to contact or visit our reception room if they are eager to get into an activity but have not been selected for it.

Here are step by step instructions highlighting our ballot system, how to sign up, submit a ballot, and when to pick up the ballot.

  1. Pick up a ballot.
    Available, in the reception room on the second floor, the third Thursday of every month.
  2. CLEARLY write your name, phone number and Mental Health Worker on your ballot.
    Ballots with no names or illegible writing will be removed from the draw.
  1. Choose the special activities you’re interested in participating in.
    Remember, only those activities that are bolded/highlighted on the calendar are part of the ballot process.
  1. Place you completed ballot in the ballot box by the deadline.
    Not sure when the deadline is? Dates are posted above the ballot box, near the phone room, and on the calendar.
  1. Be sure to pick up your completed ballot, from the phone room to find out what special activities you were chosen for.
    Not sure when to pick it up? Relevant dates are posted above the ballot box, near the phone room, and on the calendar.
    If you do not pick up your ballot by the deadline, you will be removed from all activities you were selected for.
  1. HAVE FUN!